Black Leather Ball Stretcher – 1 inch wide


Our new black leather ball stretcher, embossed with thorns.

Convenient swivel ring for attaching weights or a leash.


Product Description

Our new briar patch design in black with a swivel ring.

Convenient for attaching weights or a leash.


Let me clear up one thing straight away.

Balls do not stretch.

It’s the Scrotum that does all the heavy lifting, the Cremaster muscle to be precise.

The elasticity is provided to regulate the temperature of the testes. It is quite ingenious.

By strict definition, our device should be called a Scrotum Stretcher or Cremaster Restrainer, but it just does not roll off the tongue.

So, in an effort to minimize perplexity with our well established aficionados, Ball Stretcher it is.

A small tab on the inside minimizes pinching of the tender skin where the strap overlaps and the longer tab on the outside provides a place for your thumb and index finger to pull on when release is imminent.

The edges are beveled and burnished to a smooth finish.
The cowhide has a soft inner surface and a pleasant yielding quality when it is secured in place.

Shown with nickel fasteners.

8 inches long by 1 inch wide.
Adjustable diameter range of 1.25 to 2 inches.

Custom sizes are available on request.

Wrapped in ebony tissue and presented in a silver gift tin.


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